Who we are


About me

I raised show beagles for ten year before embracing a new challenge of cat breeding.

After a serious study on the breed which best suit my lifestyle, my temperament, but also the time I had. My choice is stopped on the Maine Coon. I chose to have a small cattery of Maine Coon and Maine Coon free in the house.

However, what was not my surprise to find that cat breeding is MUCH more complex than breeding dog in Canada and Quebec. First, because of the legislative inconsistencies, but also because of the general lack of formal knowledge of breeders. Shortly after the departure of my cattery, I got involved at different levels and in different organizations to try to overcome all these obstacles.

I am currently involved in various forums to improve the welfare of cats in the country, the Canadian herd of cats and help breeder improve practices.


Our cattery activities started in 2006. Today, we therefore have more than 10 years of experience in Maine Coon breeding.