Kittens and Retirees Available

the Princess of the North


 This beautiful female kitten seeks a family for life. She is alert, curious and affectionate. For more information, write us:

Our Breeding Philosophy

Happy Cats!

At home, no cage. Our cats live freely in the house. They watch television, do ride on the vacuum cleaner and eat pieces of sausage secretly. 

A real cat life!

Health - Top Priority

All of our breeders are genetically tested for all known, specific Maine Coon, diseases. They are also tested periodically for possible heart or musculoskeletal problems.

Complies with Breed Standard

 We make it a point of honor to have our work validated by independent judges. We therefore reproduce cats that have been judged conform to their breed. In this way, we are sure that all of our kittens will meet the breed criteria when they become adult.


 All our cats / kittens are covered by a health guarantee. This covers, among other things, for all genetic diseases testable for your cat lifetime.


 Our kittens are in great demand. If your are looking for something specific don't hesitate to make a reservation for the litters of spring 2020. For more information, contact